Almazan Kitchen® Carbon Axe

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Almazan Kitchen® Carbon Axe is a versatile hand-forged utensil, the world’s first axe that can be used as a cooking tool thanks to its razor-sharp blade and unique shape. It can slice meat & vegetables, chop bones and large chunks of meat, and of course, be a reliable bushcraft tool for chopping and cutting wood at home or on your adventures in the wilderness.

The hand-forged blade of this perfect multifunctional tool is made of top-grade carbon steel, while the comfortable ergonomic handle is made of Serbian chestnut wood.

The axe comes with a natural handmade protective leather sheath.

The length of the utensil is 39 cm, the blade alone is 19 cm long and 15 cm wide. The weight of the whole axe is 900 g and the hardness of the blade is 60-64 HRC.



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15.35 in; Blade 7.5 x 2.0 in

31.75 oz





  1. Garcia

    Love this product! Can serve double duty, as heavy duty chef’s knife in a kitchen, and as outdoor tool! Very neatly done!

  2. Jane

    Versatile, sharp, fancy :), love it!

  3. James

    My tool of choice for chopping through large melons and water melons, tough skinned squash, but also to chop small wood around a campfire and prepare meat for the makeshift grill and spit. Very useful!

  4. Didier

    Small enough to be used like a hatchet, but it can also tackle bigger jobs like cutting branches, creating firewood, clearing paths… extremely versatile. Money well spent!

  5. Jester

    Sharp enough to shave if need be ::)! Arrived in pristine condition. A very nice and handy tool! I can cook a meal with it or build a small shelter in the wildnerness. So practical and versatile! A must in your back pack when heading out into the woods, camping, hiking, trekking. Just fantastic!

  6. Doug

    Very functional, attractively designed with artistic touch. Love this sturdy little beauty!

  7. Alex

    All-around versatile bushcraft axe, feels nicely weighted in hand, looks amazing, good price! I love it!

  8. Thomas

    I have been waiting for the Almazan Kitchen team to produce a versatile axe-like utensil for a long time. I even asked them a few times and they promised the product was in the making. And finally it appeared in their web shop, so I got it immediately. It’s affordably priced, well balanced, has good weight… beyond my expectations. Delighted!

  9. Peter

    Modern axe, sturdy and elegant, good durability and excellent balance. So happy with this purchase!

  10. Odi

    Excellent thing to carry into the wilderness for different jobs in and around the camp, food handling included. Fantastic product!

  11. Ante

    Nice, versatile tool. Hand made, very good value for the money I paid. Recommend!

  12. Alen


  13. Soul

    Hand-forged axe used both in kitchen and for outdoor cooking and survival… now I know how it looks, how it feels in hand! I got this for my 30 birthday and I can’t think of a better present, I nearly fainted when I opened the box… so grateful for lovely people around me who know me well, who know what to get me. I plan to use this while trekking and hiking and this will be the only tool I bring with myself into the wilderness. The leather pouch is so cool, also useful, prevents you from getting cut on the sharp edge, also protecting the edge… so beautiful.

  14. Gunar

    This is a unique object… I have never owned anything like this before. I love it. You can tell how much passion went into making and the blacksmith’s skill was amazing. Although it’s a tool, it’s elegant. It’s carbon steel, which equals durability and strength. Good job, Almazan Kitchen team, good job indeed!

  15. John

    Purchasing this axe from Almazan Kitchen you will not regret your choice. I use it for camping trips, but on food too. Basically, I use only this axe for everything I may need on a trip like that. It’s sharp, sturdy! I’m thinking to buy a few more for my camping buddies as gifts. Excellent!

  16. Odi

    The axe is fantastic, it arrived within a week from ordering, and I love it so much. I go camping very often so outdoor cooking is really my thing. To have this piece of equipment made camping easier because I use this axe for everything, I don’t need any other sharp tools. I chop small pieces of wood with it, and also cut food. The tool itself is very well made. It feels so natural to hold it, the way it “sits” in your hand is on point. It gives me the feeling of security because with this one tool you can build a small shelter if necessary or even defend yourself. I already own an Almazan Kitchen knife made of carbon steel so I know how to care for the blade. Such a great addition to my backpack!

  17. John

    The best purchase ever, thanks Almazan!!!

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