Almazan Kitchen® Original Serbian Chef Knife

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Almazan Kitchen® premium custom hand-forged knife is a rustic all-around cooking tool that will solve everyday slicing & dicing tasks with surgical precision.

This knife is made from high-quality carbon steel, full tang, double-edged with professional razor-like sharpening that will last forever*.


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  • Original Almazan Kitchen® shape
  • Hand-forged in Serbia
  • Every knife is unique (with distinctive forging marks)
  • Top-quality Carbon Alloy
  • Premium Rustic Design
  • Universal cooking tool
  • Full tang with rivets
  • HRC 58-60
  • Double-edged blade, professional razor-like sharpening that will last for years*

ruler 30 x 10 x 10cm // 11.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches


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  • Dispatching in 1-3 business days.
  • Delivery worldwide*** from 5 business days**.
  • *Knife is guaranteed to last for a long time only with proper handling.
  • **For international deliveries, the transport time depends on the destination country and shipping method. More info in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase section. 

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  1. oliver

    one of the most versatile tools I’ve ever had, top quality, fast shipment, easy maintenance

  2. Burt

    If you are looking for a quality kitchen/garden knife, maybe you want to check this one out. I got it from my dad and it’s really very good and versatile. From finely chopping the smallest things, like garlic, to slicing large pieces of meat… very fine tool indeed. Thumbs up!

  3. Don

    I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. That’s why it’s important for me to buy the best kitchen knives I can afford. I’ve got this one recently and I am so happy with it, it’s a star. Good weight and balance, well made, quality materials… excellent is the word.

  4. Sam

    This knife is brutally sharp and beautiful, I am so happy I got it! I am already thinking about the XXL one!

  5. Tony

    Good old cutter, simple, efficient, sharp, strong, well balanced… excellent product, fast shipped too!

  6. Freddy

    Good quality, fair price for a hand-forged knife and a very quick international delivery!

  7. Andy

    Almazan Kitchen Serbian chef’s knife is a winner, no doubt about that. I am very happy with this product!

  8. Sam

    Got Almazan Kitchen knife from my mom 🙂 I couldn’t be happier! My collection is growing, but this knife is my go-to knife and one of the best I’ve ever had :). My mom chose a brown leather case for it, it’s beautiful and a perfect fit!

  9. Danny

    a well designed rustic cutter, one of the best i’ve ever had

  10. Oliver

    My second Almazan Kitchen cleaver! They are perfect! Great balance and grip, very comfy in hand, there’s no mistake with this product. Recommendation.

  11. John

    Great chef’s knife, didn’t expect such quality. Everything is top notch, the blade is carbon steel, the handle walnut wood, all neatly done, incl the rivets. Fantastic product!

  12. Lasi

    Finally a cleaver I like and can handle comfortably! Good balance, good weight and proportion, premium materials and crafstmanship, such a great buy! Quick delivery!

  13. OTTO


  14. Frank

    I did a small research prior to buying this product. There are so many similar cleavers on the market, but I wanted the best one. I was looking for a) a very sharp knife, b) carbon steel blade, c) full tang blade, d) attractive shape. I found several that fit into this description, but what was the make-it-or-break-it moment for me was the fact that the product is made in a small factory in Europe, rather than imported by thousands from China (not that I have anything against Chinese goods, though), the wood for the handle is harvested in Europe, and I’ve seen the knife in action in Almazan Kitchen YouTube channel. Excellent knife, sharp blade, good balance, good grip. Way to go, guys!

  15. Gerry

    A universal tool, one to replace all other knives. Once you start using such wide-blade cleavers, you literally never go back to regular knives! Very good product!

  16. Ali

    A powerful cleaver, sturdy, well made, triple riveted full tang blade, comfortable wooden handle. Excellent value for money!

  17. Tim

    Carbon steel cleaver, sharp, precise, sturdy and durable. Excellent item!

  18. Sam

    Premium quality product, very decent and helpful seller, fast shipping

  19. Jimmy

    This knife was on my cleaver shortlist for some time and the reason why I decided to purchase this particular one in the end was the fact that this one is an original protected by a US patent. So that was a quality guarantee for me. And I was right to think along those lines. This cleaver is even better in reality than in the photos, it’s sharp as advertised, the craftsmanship is amazing. Very happy with this purchase!

  20. Pete

    Excellent product, very helpful seller providing a lot of information prior to the purchase and answered all my questions. A very good experience from beginning to end. Fast delivery.

  21. Ford

    So much work put into a knife and it shows. Sharp, precise, good balance, good grip, looking neat. Fantastic product!

  22. Dark

    Got this knife from my colleagues at work as a farewell present… such a wonderful gesture and a great product to remember them by! I am using it daily and I’m getting more and more skilled in handling this chopper 🙂

  23. Olaf

    Premium quality cleaver made of carbon-rich steel. Every feature as advertised, looks amazing, cuts like crazy. Superb craftsmanship!

  24. Simon

    Actually , this is a very good cleaver, very comfortable, easy to use, sharp… excellent experience overall.

  25. Tom

    A star product, very sharp, looking good, I will definitely be a repeat customer… Recommend!

  26. Teddy

    The knife arrived quite fast, from Europe to the US within 10 days. The quality is premium, very nice design and extremely sharp. Well spent money, in my opinion.

  27. Jenny

    Fantastic knife, I really didn’t expect such fine craftsmanship, it looks even better than in the photos and videos, and definitely cuts like advertised. Fast delivery, kind seller!

  28. Brenda

    A very professional knife, made up to a very high standard. The delivery was fast, and my contact with the seller beyond satisfactory!

  29. Tina

    This purchase was 100% bull’s eye! This is a great product and I am so happy I trusted the ads for once in my life 🙂

  30. jim

    My first carbon steel knife… I am beyond satisfied, it’s strong and firm, very comfortable in hand and all it needs between uses are a few drops of mineral oil… fantastic!

  31. Sam

    Excellent tool, it’s up to you how to use it, in the kitchen or in the bush 🙂

  32. Gerry

    This is the latest addition to my cutlery, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Sharp, precise, sits well in hand, nice!

  33. Rob

    I’ve had my Almazan Kitchen Serbian Chef’s knife for half a year now and I am very happy with it, so happy that I’ve just ordered another one, as a gift to my brother in law. The product is without fault, high performance, fast delivery. Thumbs up!

  34. Bro

    I am a collector of knives, or so my wife says 🙂
    This has been my favorite cleaver since I’ve got it! It has everything I need in a knife, it’s sharp, precise, well balanced, and it looks mean 🙂

    Excellent product!

  35. Jim

    What an excellent knife/cleaver, very versatile as it can be used in a modern kitchen and by a camp fire equally! Premium quality at that! Well done!

  36. Andrew

    Wide blade, comfortable ergonomic handle, very sharp, easy maintenance… just how I imagined it! Looks nice too!

  37. Alex

    This is a brutal cleaver! I love it! It’s just that I will have to buy one more because my wife and I are constantly quarreling about who will use it 🙂

    It’s like, today’s my turn 🙂

  38. Andy

    Easily and by far the best cleaver I’ve ever had. As promised, it replaced all my other knives. Sharp, comfortable, precise, well-balanced, badass… just perfect!

  39. Esther

    The best knife in my kitchen! Cuts with precision, love it!

  40. Jane

    Such a great buy, it’s beyond expectations, totally exceeded the advertisements, premium quality, very, very sharp!

  41. Heather

    My favorite chopper, it’s without fault literally!

  42. Seem

    so good product very happy

  43. Sam

    A very good product from my favourite cooking team! The design, the precision, the balance, the rugged attractiveness… everything about this knife spells quality. Very happy with this purchase. Fast delivery should also be mentioned. Kudos!

  44. Edwin

    A very solid product made in Serbia, Europe. Original product of Almazan Kitchen team. Love everything about it, the fantastic blade made of carbon steel, comfortable handle made of walnut wood, the balance, the power to cut effortlessly, the beauty… really great effort, guys!

  45. Tom

    One of the best cleavers I’ve ever bought! Fantastic quality, very fast shipment. Comes in a lovely package, so I reckon it makes a great present. Just great!

  46. Eric

    This is the original Serbian Chef’s knife, duly patented. I checked with the seller prior to the purchase. The product is of premium quality, very sharp and well balanced. The shipping was fast and I am beyond happy with it! Highly recommend!

  47. Hans

    Excellent cleaver, well done Almazan Kitchen, thanks for such a good chef’s knife!

  48. Borna

    Excellent product. The blade is very sharp, made of carbon steel, not difficult to maintain, the handle is made of wood, very nice and ergonomic. Excellent offer!

  49. Sonia

    There are numerous cheap copies of this cleaver, this is the only website where you can buy the original. It’s premium quality and even better looking than in the ads. Such a great effort on the part of Almazan Kitchen team!

  50. Joshua

    As far as cleavers go, this is one of the best products I’ve ever laid my hands on. It passed my test with flying colors. Well done!

  51. Duncan

    Excellent cutter, sharp as advertised, everything top quality, the steel blade, the wooden handle, rivets…all nicely done with attention to detail. Great effort!

  52. Esther

    Almazan Kitchen carbon cleaver is one of the best knives I’ve ever had. The full tang blade, the handle, the balance… everything is perfect. Glad I got it.

  53. Angie

    Good product, decent delivery time, good value for money

  54. Tom

    There are many copies around, but I contacted the seller and asked where to get their original, patented knife and was told on this web site. The knife is beyond expected, premium quality, beautifully made. Very happy with my Almazan Kitchen knife.

  55. Carrie

    Fantastic product, delivery sooner than expected, very helpful seller!

  56. Olga

    great stuff from almazan kitchen, great buy

  57. Linda

    If you want to make your husband or boyfriend happy, or some of your friends, get them this knife! It’s a very nice present and don’t forget to order a sheath too, so the knife could be hung on the belt. Very happy with my purchase.

  58. Odi

    Easy to use, very nicely done, looks so authentic! Great team effort by Almazan Kitchen, my favorite culinary channel!

  59. Sam

    i’ve had this cleaver for two months now and I dont use any other knife any more its excelent

  60. John

    This is a real kitchen helper 🙂
    Makes life in kitchen easy-peasy, cuts like crazy, very sharp!

  61. Ronnie

    Great Chef’s knife! Arrived in beautiful packing, fast delivery!

  62. Sonia

    Bought it for my husband, he loves it, cuts everything with it, takes care of his knife with so much love :), it’s always in his backpack as he spends time outdoors with our kids, so I’m thinking of getting one for the kitchen only….

  63. Gordon

    Solid, well-balanced tool, good blade, good steel, as advertised, arrived very fast for international shipping, kind seller who answered all my questions prior to shopping… thumbs up

  64. Jenna

    A beautiful and powerful blade, very comfortable and easy to use even for women. Husband and I share it. Money well spent.

  65. Amy

    My wonder knife 🙂
    Never been so happy with a purchase! Premium quality, very sexy, cuts like crazy!

  66. Ogden

    This is not just another knife, it’s something else. I feel like it’s been made to fit my hand… very easy to use, very precise. You can cut both big chunks of meat with it and garlic, it’s so versatile. One of the best buys recently for me!

  67. Misha

    The Almazan Kitchen original carbon steel cleaver looked mighty attractive in their videos, but when I got it, I was delighted by the quality and must say that I did not expect that. You never know what you get when you order online, but this product surpassed my expectations in every way possible. The right weight, excellent balance, good quality steel, nice looking, neatly made…. I can’t praise it enough! Fantastic product!

  68. Harley

    Just the knife I needed! Something to use in the kitchen and around the grill! I got used to it very quickly and can’t go back to regular blades. This size knife feels the right one for me, it’s easy to use and feels good in hand. One of the best buys ever!

  69. Rudi

    Robust, strong knife with a wide blade and full tang. Good weight, good balance, excellent performance. I use it for all kinds of food, meat, veggies, fruit. It’s a universal tool like no other. Kudos!

  70. Trent

    It was difficult to make a choice as there are so many cleavers in the market, but I opted for this one and never looked back! It’s a versatile tool and I literally don’t use any other knife. Such a good buy and good value for money!

  71. Orvel

    Fantastic cleaver! I contacted the seller and they explained that this one is a patented original, so guys, be careful what you buy as there are many copies on the net! Love this knife, it’s very neatly made, the full tang gives it a solid balance, the rivets are neat and firm, the handle comfortable…. very, very well made! Thank you, Almazan Kitchen team!

  72. Toro

    This arrived very quickly, considering it’s an intercontinental delivery. Got to the US in a week! The product is better than advertised, I am beyond than satisfied. I got myself an excellent cleaver that will last a very long time!

  73. Enver

    Awesome knife, a real deal and I’m so proud I added it to my collection! It cuts with ease, the blade is perfect, the overall balance is good… no words to describe my delight!

  74. Celina

    This knife can easily be the knife of knives, as advertised. It’s the right fit for my hand. The weight is right, the blade too, no need to press hard against it, just a little push and it cuts like crazy!

  75. Aime

    One of the best cleavers I’ve had in years. As a collector of knives, I am happy to have this one in my collection. Very comfortable to use, nice weight. Glad I ordered.

    The seller provides additional info, they are very kind.

  76. Ethan

    Excellent, seductive quality, as well as other Almazan Kitchen products! Fantastic cleaver!

  77. Tony

    Love my Serbian Chef’s cleaver, it is my most used knife. I use it daily. I like everything about this knife – the weight, the wide blade, the looks…. such fantastic effort by the Almazan Kitchen team!

  78. Bertram

    Wonderful original knife, patented and made wholly in Serbia! Original product! Glad I figured out which of these cleavers was the original. There are so many bad copies 🙁

  79. Tasko

    Such a super, first class product, can’t tell how satisfied I am with it! Very sharp, neatly made, strong, firm and very mean looking! Bravo guys!

  80. Haim

    Exremley sharp and can cut all, very grateful

  81. Stan

    The Lord of the Knives, just as advertised! Fantastic blade, got it in a bundle with some other stuff from this website, everything of superb quality. The carbon blade is very sharp, has ideal weight and I love the way it cuts, with just a bit of pressure. Bravo!

  82. Stan

    Carbon steel perfection! I love this knife!

  83. Tom

    Just bought this one, had the stainless steel from before. So far, so good, I like it very much. Not difficult to care, just a few drops of mineral oil.

  84. Edward

    Fine piece of cutlery, if it can be called so as it is also a bushcraft knife 🙂
    Good purchase, fast delivery, reliable seller.

  85. Sani

    veri good knive good price and pretty look

  86. Troy

    With so many different knives on the market, it’s very difficult to decide which one to buy… so seeing a knife in action really helps a million!
    I saw the Serbian Chef’s knife in the cooking videos on Almazan Kitchen YouTube channel and decided to get one for myself. Very satisfied with the purchase! The knife is extremely sharp, just as advertised. It’s versatile, but I will be using mine in the bush. Maybe I get one later on for the indoor cooking too. I hear that once you get used to cleavers, you don’t go back to smaller knives… let’s see what happens 🙂

  87. Helen

    Fantastic tool! The full tang keeps the perfect balance! The handle is smooth and ergonomic and it sits so well in hand! Great effort from Almazan Kitchen team!

  88. Marcus

    Interesting cleaver! I’ve seen it in Almazan Kitchen YT videos, but it looks even better in reality! Nicely forged, looks authentic, quality materials, nice weight. Very well done, actually!

  89. Olivia

    I’ve been looking forward to receiving this and I’m so delighted now that it’s arrived! I was a bit worried that it might be too heavy for me, but it’s not, everything is perfect. I am so happy with this purchase and will buy more stuff from Almazan Kitchen web shop.

  90. Steve

    Fine product, arrived in perfect condition as it was well packed with protective sponge and firm box, sharp as advertised and so good looking! Thumbs up big time!!!

  91. Sam

    Full tang knives are the best, they have the best balance and the pressure is evenly distributed that’s why they cut so well. Excellent knife!

  92. Othelo

    Excellent quality, just make sure to maintain the carbon steel blade properly. Thumbs up!

  93. Fortuno

    Ultimate chopping, slicing and mincing tool! Very lucky to have one. It’s my precious, i take good care of it with mineral oil. Recommend!

  94. Theo

    a seriously good knife. I’ve had it for a while and ordered another one to use in kitchen only. the old one is my car and I take it camping, where I don’t need any other knife but that. very happy to have chosen this knife.

  95. Julio

    Out of this world, love this chopper! Arrived in a perfect condition, professional seller, top service, the product is awesome!!

  96. Siva

    I’ve had Almazan Kitchen chef’s knife for some time now, and apart from the usual things, like, chopping, slicing, dicing, I use it for mincing too – something I haven’t done before. I saw that in Almazan Kitchen YouTube videos – they mince meat with this knife. I must say it’s an excellent and fun way to mince meat. The knife is easy to use and great value for money.

  97. Donna

    My overall experience with Almazan Kitchen carbon steel cleaver if very positive. The weight is just right, the full tang blade gives good balance, Love to use this tool!

  98. Tina

    Very good chef’s knife. Edge well retained, cuts well, comfortable in hand, not too heavy. I am very happy with this purchase. Great job, Almazan Kitchen team!

  99. Jane

    Great knife, good price for the value, fast shipping. My experience with Almazan Kitchen has always been good. I am a repeat customer and have two of their cleavers, one for me, one for my husband :). Excellent investment.

  100. Nora

    I use Almazan Kitchen chef’s knife for just about everything in the kitchen. It’s crafted really nice and sharp as advertised! Love it!

  101. Sia

    Excellent knife, a bang for your buck for sure!!! I recommend this product!

  102. Una

    Beautiful tool, happy with the purchase!!!

  103. Ian

    Cutting performance and edge retention have always been my main concerns when it comes to knives, and maybe that’s why I switched over the years to carbon steel knives. This knife has a comfortable handle, full tang blade. It can be used with a variety of cutting techniques to achieve a wide range of kitchen tasks. With this knife, you can cut all meat, fish, veggies and fruit. I enjoy oiling it between uses and sharpening it from time to time. It’s hard and durable. A very good knife.

  104. Jolanda

    This is my first carbon steel knife and I am very happy with it. The care is easy, the cutting performance is extra high. I recommend Almazan Kitchen cleaver with all my heart!

  105. Fan

    Finaly get my serbian cleaver from best cooks, Almazans

  106. Don

    With a lot of experience in collecting knives I believe I can say a word or two about the quality of knives in general. This cleaver is fantastic, one of the best you can get for this kind of money. I admire Almazan Kitchen work, they have tested this knife in over 500 culinary videos they’ve made in the past several years. This knife is their original product, and I was told by their staff prior to my purchase, that the knife was made in Serbia and protected by an international patent. Almazan team are serious professionals and they can be proud of this product. Excellent!

  107. Anita

    Never have handled a knife this size before, so I had my doubts… but when the Serbian Chef’s knife arrived and I took it in my hand for the first time, I knew we would be best friends 🙂 It’s strong and can perform all daily cutting, dicing, slicing, chopping tasks with precision. I am not sure about the bushcraft use because I have never used it for outdoor cooking, but may take it with me for the next trekking adventure… will be more than happy to share the impressions here.

  108. Jerry

    This knife cuts with no excess effort, it’s really great, the blade is thick and durable, it has good weight and size. Fantastic all-around knife for your kitchen. Thumbs up!!!

  109. Frank

    This blade is a monster! It’s guaranteed to never fail with this extremely smooth action! Happy to recommend this knife to all knife enthusiasts!

  110. Lens

    Quite impressed with the edge, fantastic knife! Really well done, excellent quality!

  111. Pedro

    Knives are made for different purposes, but this one seems to be able to do it all. Fantastic cleaver, can be used in a kitchen, or for outdoor cooking. It’s premium quality, the blade has wonderful geometry, sharpness, ergonomics. The handle is comfortable, smooth, the rivets can’t be felt. In a word – superb!

  112. Brenda

    The Serbian cleaver made by Almazan Kitchen is a beautiful knife, with a rugged, weathered look. It’s maintained easily, with a drop of mineral oil. Fantastic tool, money well spent!

  113. James

    Well balanced knife, excellent finish. Good quality steel. Performance spotless. Way to go dudes!

  114. Yasmin

    Great knife, nice and kind seller. I contacted them to ask about the knife prior to the purchase. They were very forthcoming and helpful. Overall, an excellent experience!

  115. Randy

    Do yourself a favor and get this knife, it’s really good. I go camping with my family at least twice a month and I always have Almazan Kitchen cleaver in my backpack. It’s versatile, reliable, and takes care of everything I need from a knife. The best knife I’ve ever had!

  116. Brad

    I was surprised by the quality of this knife even though I’ve seen every Almazan Kitchen You Tube video. This cleaver checks all the boxes!!!

  117. Fred

    If you want a premium knife, with artisanal styling and characteristics, this knife is where you’ll find everything you need – quality, how it fits the hand, how it performs… Excellent!

  118. Tom

    Almazan Kitchen have made quite the name for themselves in the last few years. Their YT channel is fantastic and there they use this knife in most of the cooking videos. I knew it was a good tool, but when it arrived, it was beyond my hopes and expectations. A fantastic tool, one of the best I had.

  119. Ros

    In my opinion, this is an all-time great! I have many knives and Almazan Kitchen cleaver is among the best!

  120. Maya

    It’s such a joy to use this cleaver. Well balanced, precise, sharp as advertised. Happy I ordered it.

  121. Tea

    The knife came very quickly and in nice packaging that can be used as storage for the knife. Nice product, the edge is incredible, it’s shaving sharp and slices very easily and cleanly. Love it!

  122. Roberto

    Este knife es fantastico!!! Viva Almazan Kitchen 🙂

  123. Alex

    Well made, nice finish on par with the price point. All parts are fitting so well to form a solid knife that boasts quality and integrity from the maker. I am very much impressed, although I’ve seen this knife in Almazan Kitchen videos… great job guys!

  124. Jose

    I’ve had the Almazan Kitchen original Serbian Chef’s knife for several weeks and it has passed all my tests with flying colors! Comfortable, reliable, smooth, easy… premium quality tool!

  125. James

    This is one solid cleaver! Very happy with it!

  126. Nat

    Comfortable to use, makes cutting and slicing easy. Coupled with good full-tang balance, right height and overall size, this knife looks and works just like you’d hope. The tip has some piercing benefits!!! Way beyond my expectations! Great job people!!!

  127. Marco

    Love when the knife maker puts a lot of effort on the blade, as the most important part of the knife. Almazan Kitchen have done an incredible job with this blade – it is meant to cut and slice! A real treat for knife lovers!

  128. Oscar

    One should know a thing or two about knives to be able to appreciate the details in a luxury item like this one, and at a great price, too! This knife is fantastic, with unique styling, and you can get your hands on it in just a week from ordering. Really great stuff!

  129. Alban

    There are so many good products on this site to keep track of… This knife is my first purchase from Almazan Kitchen, and I will buy a lot more. Good job, guys!

  130. Renata

    Who says that too much is too much 🙂 This knife is absolutely fabulous!!

  131. Matt

    Looking good, excellent ergonomics, good steel, fantastic blade! Great knife!

  132. Stan

    After several years of purchasing almost all of the cooking knives I wanted, my purchasing momentum was somewhat lost. Then I saw this knife and had to have it. It’s excellent, superb craftsmanship! Love everything about it!

  133. Rodriguez

    This gives it a real run for the money. Came popping sharp, beautifully made. Nice package, very fast shipment. Excellent experience!

  134. Saul

    I like everything about this knife, the weight, the size, the full tang, the balance, and owing to the good amount of belly, it cuts extremely well. Fantastic tool for both kitchen and outdoor cooking. Super!

  135. Andy

    This is a decidedly good knife! Very easy to use, sharp, very pretty… can’t say enough good about it!

  136. Amy the cook

    Love the full-tang knives, this one is so well balanced! Great purchase!!

  137. Mrs Smith

    I am very satisfied with this knife. It is just as advertised. Thanks, guys!

  138. Johann

    I have a drawer full of different knives, knives with fantastic ergonomics, first class steel… but something was missing. When I started following the Almazan Kitchen cooking channel, I realized I wanted this knife. Now that I have it, I’m glad to say that it is my go-to knife, I use it all the time. So happy I made a good investment! Recommend with all my heart!

  139. Fado

    Well-designed, well-made, nice finish, good quality handle, good balance, sharp as advertised… very, very good. I am so satisfied! Money well spent!

  140. Gordon

    Beautiful tool, nice weight and size, cuts through everything with ease, not difficult to maintain…fantastic, in a word!

  141. Farley

    Bravo Almazan team! Great product!

  142. Tom

    My knife has just arrived, it’s brilliant! I didn’t expect anything less from you guys! Glad to recommend!

  143. Sam

    Sharp, perfectly made, strong… everything I want in a knife this one has. Great work!!

  144. Gerd

    Hey Almazan Kitchen guys where have you been all my life!!! This knife is a beast! Thank you so much!!

  145. Antonio

    Best knife I ever have! Excellente! Cooking make so easy!!

  146. Wanda

    Got myself this knife as I wanted to have something produced by my favorite YouTube kitchen channel 🙂 This knife is what Alex and Boki are known for, so I opted for it. I am happy to say that now I am a proud owner of the best carbon steel knife. Love this product!

  147. Bart

    First class product! Great work Almazan Kitchen team! Thank you!!

  148. George

    I’ve been following Almazan Kitchen YT channel for several years and I had my eye on this knife for long. I got it recently and must say that it has surpassed my expectations. It’s a great tool, came as advertised. Shipment was quick, protective packaging excellent. The box can be used for storing the knife. Good job!!!

  149. Forest

    Very satisfied with this purchase, excellent utensil. It’s very versatile, but I will use it in the kitchen only as I don’t cook much outdoors. Good stuff!

  150. Ella

    A star product!!! Just great!

  151. Will

    Got this knife for myself, but now my missus uses it all the time, need to get another one for myself 🙂

  152. Robert

    As a cooking enthusiast, I love to have good knives. I needed something that was a cross between a chef’s knife and something sturdier, and I think this knife is exactly that! Very happy to recommend!

  153. Sarah

    Finally a cleaver that I can use. I am a short lady and have small hands, I usually struggle with large knives. This one is different, it’s so easy to handle! Excellent product!

  154. Bob

    Fantastic tool! Sharp as advertised and very good looking!

  155. Alain

    The knife is an amazing piece of work, I am so happy I chose this one. Prior to my purchase I contacted the seller and was told that this knife is the true original Serbian Chef’s knife, protected by a patent, and wholly produced in Serbia! I am more than happy with my choice!

  156. Ashton

    The knife itself is amazing and works great. It is sharp and cuts through food as well as I had hoped it would. The box it comes in is very elegant so good for a gift, and can be used as storage for the knife too.

  157. Santa

    Impressive, durable and has a nice weight. It cuts nicely, with hardly any effort, into raw meat.

  158. Angel

    I’ve never had a chef’s knife before and this one seems like a very good one. It’s well balanced and feels good in the hand. I was worried about the maintenance of the carbon steel blade, but it’s easy. Quite satisfied!

  159. Tea

    Chopping time 🙂
    Thanks, guys, this is really great! Delivered quickly as promised, top quality product!

  160. Drum

    It’s is a great knife Almazan Kitchen knife, chef knife, no. 1

  161. Keto

    Wow, wow, wow! Fantastic knife!!!

  162. Antonia

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    Superior knife, quality far beyond its price. This thing is a beast. I am no professional chef, but I am a longtime cook. I cook in the open, so I have taken this knife on a couple of camping trips, and now it’s my camping knife. I use it for cooking and different stuff around the fire. No need to carry more than one knife. Good stuff.

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  223. Faith

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  237. Alma

    Very pleased with the weight and balance of the knife. I am an avid gardener and canner and this knife will make the coming season more enjoyable with the limited dexterity I am experiencing with my dominant hand. This knife means business so cut it like you mean it!

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    Great tool and great people! Our knife was damaged in shipping, it was quickly and happily replaced. We are avid campers and will be trying as many of their recipes and methods as possible. Thanks, Almazan Kitchen!

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  247. Richard Mercz (verified owner)

    I bought this knife for christmas 2019 and I gotta say it was the best decision I had that year 😀 This knife is an absolute unit, I take it with me everywhere I go, camp cookouts, grilling parties etc. . It managed to replace almost every knife in my kitchen, and not a day goes by that I don’t use it. Maintenance is a cinch, I strop it like every 2-3 months but that’s basically it, at first I went crazy on the oiling, did it like every 5 days or so, since then I only do it about every 2-3 weeks and the blade is just fine, developed a bit of a patina, which makes it look even more cool. If you twist my arm, and had to say something negative about it, I’d say it’s the sheath, not the quality of the sheath that’s absolutely fine, rather the design is what bums me out, the flaps are designed in a way, that putting the knife away is not really a one hand job especially when you have it on your belt. But aside from this minor inconvenience this is absolutely a five star product and a five star customer service.

  248. Kyle (verified owner)

    This knife is of fantastic quality. I love the way it looks and more importantly, feels. The handle is tremendous and so is the weight of the blade. It’s super sharp and absolutely worth purchasing. I highly recommend this knife and also to watch all the great Almazan Kitchen videos as they are a great way to learn and relax. Thank you so much!

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  251. Jon Bobkins

    Ok knife, it’s sharp but could be nicer. If only it was bigger!

  252. AJ (verified owner)

    I’ve had both the almazan knife and board for around 6 months now and i still love it the same as the day it arrived! I will say these products (at the price point) are not for the faint of heart and need proper care though. The high carbon steal takes an amazing edge with minimal work on a stone and keeps it a lot longer than i expected (i use a naniwa 800 for reference) the steel patina’s VERY easily though, even for high carbon so constant cleaning when dealing with acidic food is a must and for me a light coat of oil before storing after use or rust can develop. That being said its a joy to work with, similar to a well made and seasoned cast iron there’s satisfaction to the maintenance. i love this knife!

  253. Saman, Erbil-Iraq

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    I ordered a knife last month and it came defective. Broken metel on the 45 degree angle and cracked handle. Took some pictures and emailed them. They sent me another one. This one came as expected. Very beautiful, rustic and sharp. Thank you Almazan Kitchen!

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  339. Henry M.

    LOVE THE KNIFE!!!! its amazingly designed thanks for a awesome product

  340. Lissy M.

    My package arrived today and we love it all! My husband is chopping with the knife as I write! Thank you!

  341. Mike R.

    love the knife and cutting board. worth every penny.
    people talk about it rusting. not if you use it.

  342. Julian F.

    hello the knive is already here and is great
    its a wonderfull design and a great knive
    i am very happy with it 😀
    thank you fpöor the fast delivery and your great and friendly service
    best regards Julian F.

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