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Olive Wood Steak Board


"For prearation & serving of your delicious steaks."

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Regular price $79.95 USD
Regular price $159.95 USD Sale price $79.95 USD
  • Hand-crafted for ultimate steak hedonism
  • Exeptional quality & ultimate durability
  • Single piece of olive wood
  • Special juice groove & handle
Almazan Kitchen's culinary journey has amassed 5+ billion online video views across various channels, captivating audiences worldwide with its blend of culinary mastery and nature's beauty.

Improve Your Culinary Presentation with Almazan Kitchen's Olive Wood Steak Board

Almazan Kitchen's Olive Wood Steak Board, hand-crafted from a single piece of olive wood, combines elegance and practicality for steak enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs. This board is characterized by its unique grain patterns, offering both durability and natural aesthetic to your dining.

Functional Design with a Flair

The board features a convenient groove along its edge, ideal for collecting juices when chopping meats, veggies, or slicing fruits, ensuring a flavorful preparation process. The use of olive wood not only provides strength but also adds a rustic charm to your kitchen or dining table.

Versatile for All Your Culinary Needs

Ideal for cutting steaks, chopping vegetables, or serving cheeses, this steak board is a versatile addition to your kitchen essentials. It’s not a regular cutting surface but a unique piece of craftsmanship that enhances the joy of cooking and presentation.

Preserving the Elegance: Nourish Your Olive Wood Steak Board for Longevity

To uphold the elegance and longevity of your Almazan Kitchen's Olive Wood Steak Board, incorporating proper care is paramount. Regularly treating the olive wood with a specialized wood oil is a simple yet effective way to maintain its beauty and durability. Applying a thin layer of wood oil using a soft cloth not only accentuates the natural grain patterns but also shields the board from potential dryness or cracks. By taking a moment to nurture your steak board with this care routine, you not only elevate its aesthetic appeal but also ensure it remains a cherished culinary companion for years to come.

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