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HOT STONE Ribeye Steak with Compound Butter



1. Mix 250g of butter with herbal spice mix (for more visual instructions check out the video).
2. Mix lime juice with 1 heaped tsp. of Almazan Kitchen® Red Meat Spice Mix.
3. Salt thick Ribeye Steak from both sides. Sear on high heat for 4 min from one side, flip,
sear for 4 more minutes.
4. Lower the heat to medium. Grill for 4 minutes from one side, and 4 minutes from the other. Add bites of aromatic butter throughout grilling, let it melt, add the next one, repeat until doneness you want!
5. Serve with sauce from step #2.
6. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

Hello fellow foodies! In this video, we are preparing ribeye steak on a hot rock we borrowed from the river. Perfectly seared and covered with herb butter, it melts in your mouth. Sit back and enjoy!